My Last Day in Thailand

By April 3, 2013 5 Comments


Our training ended yesterday at 3:30 am.  We worked for 5 days intensively on our presenting skills and then all  presented on the same topic well into the early hours of the morning.  It was really fun watching so many people come out of their shells and to see how different personalities handled the pressures of the week.

There were some people who love being in the spotlight and you could see how well everyone responded to their love of being up there.  Then there were several people like me, who present because they want to share information and feel the most comfortable when they are well prepared  Then there were a bunch of people who had never spoken in public.  Each of us grew in our own ways.

Not knowing when your turn was coming up and wanting to say something different from what all the people before you said, kept it challenging.  Instead of having a plan, I tried to speak from the heart and let it be spontaneous which was a good stretch for me.  I had fun leading some meditations that people found inspiring and have some new ideas to incorporate into my Feng Shui classes.

Most of the group has left now, so today I went riding on the beach.  I’ve been feeling a bit homesick for my family and the familiarity of home, so it was fun to gallop on the beach and be a kid again.


Tomorrow I head to Singapore, where I will do 3 of my Feng Shui workshops at the Golden Space Center there, which should be fun.  Then, it’s off to Bali for another training before heading home.

Miss you all!


P.S.  These two angels appeared in the sunset on Kata Beach last night!  They are sending you their love, too.


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  • Dawn says:

    It was great to grow with you Lisa. Love the photos. Just put Ann in a taxi headed to the airport. Missing everyone already. Love, peace and happiness, dawn

  • Brian says:

    You look great. If you knew how cold it is here you’d be happy you’re where you are! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your pictures. I’m sure the group loved you sharing your heart with them. We miss you too, but we’re just fine going about our day to day. To give you a visual of what’s happening here – today we start physical inventory – oh joy! On Sunny Days and Not – Brian

  • Lori Lambert says:

    I love the picture of you on the horse. I know Victoria will as well. I agree with Brian… you should be very happy to be missing the February weather in April. Have a wonderful time on your next leg of the trip and I look forward to your next post. Love, Lori

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