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Welcome everyone who is now following this blog!

I started the day with really good news.  My friend Fatima is on an earlier flight from Boston and will be on my flight to Bangalore.  So we’ll be able to lay over in Heathrow in the early hours of the morning.  Yeah!  So glad she is now coming, too!

Brian has checked the weather in London (of course!) and it looks like it should be smooth flying.  It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Nashua.  He says my plane will be in on time.  Love that he likes to look all that stuff up!

The reality of being away from my family for five weeks has been hitting me the last few days and today especially.  All the details of getting Visas, exchanging currency, getting a phone that will work over seas, and packing distracted me from thinking about that.  We’ve spent a lot of family time together lately which has been fun.  Last night was especially nice.  Dinner, then the hot tub, and cuddles.   Good memories to hold close while I’m gone.  We are planning to Skype so that should help.

Just a few more things are left to pack, then teacher conferences this afternoon, and then off to Boston for a 10 pm flight.

I’m hoping to post when I get to India or possibly in London.  I don’t know how good the WiFi will be at the School of Ancient Wisdom in Bangalore.





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