Am in London

By March 14, 2013 One Comment

Good morning!

I’ve arrived safely at Heathrow from an overnight flight.  The lady next to me didn’t sleep and fidgeted all night so it was tough to relax and sleep for long.  I did get a power nap in so I’m hoping that holds me over until the long flight to India this afternoon.  All told it’s a 9 hour time change.

My new global phone wasn’t working .  Now that’s back on track and will hopefully keep working going forward for the rest of the trip.

Fatima’s plane was delayed.  I’m just waiting to hear that she’s arrived to go find her.

I’ve walked past lots of nice shops through the airport.  I think it’s time for some English shortbread cookies to keep my energy up!

Hopefully the next keg goes smoothly and I’m seated next to someone who wants to sleep, too!

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