Cultivating Inner Peace

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When we are peaceful, it creates peace and harmony all around us and vice versa. Feng Shui can help to create a peaceful environment. It’s all about balancing the energy of yin and yang. Yang is that outward go-go-go energy that we are all putting out in the world everyday. Feng Shui encourages us to slow down and restore ourselves to maintain our balance.

Our homes don’t need to be perfect to cultivate inner peace. Homes are only perfect in designer magazines and on TV. Most houses are active places where stuff moves around a lot. Trying to be perfect all the time isn’t realistic and can take away from feelings of contentment.

Instead Feng Shui focuses on how spaces function, feel, and flow. Each space that you make more peaceful will help you. Imagine coming home at the end of a busy day to a garage that is neat and tidy or going to bed and waking in the morning to a bedroom that is soothing and calm. They will have an immediate positive impact on your stress level.

Finding that sweet spot of balance will help encourage feelings of inner peace. I hope these tips help! Have a peaceful week!

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