Fall Cleaning

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As the days become cooler and the kids head back to school, it’s a great time to evaluate your environment and do some fall cleaning.

Before putting summer items away automatically, evaluate how often they got used.  Ask yourself if you really want to take up valuable storage space for seldom used things.  If you are ready to let things go, consider donating to local charities.  It’s quick and easy.  Remember to get a tax receipt.

As you change your closet from summer to winter, weed out anything that is stained, damaged or unworn this year.  We evolve and it’s ok for wardrobes to evolve, too.

September is also a great time to evaluate your children’s spaces.  Do their rooms fit their current needs and interests?  Do they have designated areas for studying and favorite activities?  Can unused toys and clothes move on to someone else?

Small changes to your children’s spaces can help keep them organized, focused and feeling good about themselves.

As you de-clutter, think about how each space in your home gets used.  Have your rooms and work spaces changed as your needs and interests have changed?  Does your home reflect the true you?  If not, how can it?

In addition to removing clutter, a deep cleaning from top to bottom can help clear your spaces energetically and make your home feel much better.

Need extra help or inspiration?  Consider a consultation or fall workshop.  I’d love to help you get more organized and rethink your spaces!

Wishing you a happy fall!


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