Feng Shui for the School Year

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It’s fun to see all of the pictures in social media over the last couple of days of the kids headed off to school. It always makes me sad to see them head back. I enjoy having them around and enjoy their company.

As a mom with a high school student and one in college, I wanted to share a few tips to help set your child up for a successful year and to share how Feng Shui can help. Feng Shui is all about arranging the environment to support you in positive ways. Feng Shui encourages your environment to evolve and change as you do. So, evaluate your children’s rooms. Do they reflect their current interests and who they are today? If not, fall is a great time to do some updating.

Decluttering toys and clothes is a great place to start. Teaching your children to let go of things they no longer use or need, is a life-long skill and you can support them in this. I found donating to local charities or having yard sales and letting the kids keep the proceeds of their stuff greatly motivates them. Especially if they have a say in rearranging their room to fit their current interests. Simplifying their rooms will help in keeping them clean and organized.

Then, help your children think about their goals for the year. Putting up inspirational sayings and artwork that represents their interests will help them grow in positive ways.

Spending time setting up their desk area with plenty of lighting, office supplies and anything they may need to do homework will help them focus more on their studies.

You can reduce your own stress by having poster board, glue sticks, colored paper and markers handy for those projects they’ve known about for weeks, but you only hear about the night before! Check in with parents whose children had the same classes the year before and ask them about big projects and the time of year they are usually due. When you have a heads up, it’s much easier helping your children plan ahead.

I hope these ideas help! If you are looking for something fun to do tomorrow night, please join me for “Empower Your Home: Empower Your Life” from 6:30-8:30 pm at YCD Holistic Healing, Nashua.

My best to you and your children for a great year!

With Love and Light,


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