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2020 has been a year full of change. My husband always says, “I’m fine with change as long as it’s my idea.” Much of what we have been through this year feels out of our control. So, how can Feng Shui help you to maintain your peace and calm?

At its roots Feng Shui is a mindfulness practice which is applied to our environment. We know that mindfulness with its focus on the present moment, non-judgement, and appreciation helps to reduce stress in a variety of settings. In our mindful Feng Shui practice, we become aware of our surroundings and how our homes and belongings impact our thoughts and feelings. In this process of evaluating, we start to let go of anything that no longer serves us and rearrange our homes to support what we need right now.

Over the last six months, I’ve worked with several people who are now working from home. They realized that in order to be effective at work, their home needed to be arranged to support them. We have used Feng Shui to turn spare rooms (and in some cases corners of rooms) into high functioning spaces.

If you too are working from home, observe whether your office is functioning as you’d like. I encourage you to have a sturdy desk, comfortable chair, good lighting, and everything you need for work close at hand. If possible, place your desk in the power position so that you can see the door clearly from where you are sitting. Inspirational artwork, decor, and quotes can reinforce what you are working towards. Adding your mission statement to your office can help you to clarify who you serve and where you focus your efforts. These same principles can be applied to children’s homework areas or any other work space.

Paint is another one of my favorite ways to refresh your home and reinforce positive feelings. We all respond differently to color. Observing what colors elicit feelings of peace, calm, or another desired emotion can be a fun mindfulness practice and inspire your home’s color palate.

Even small changes can make a difference in your spaces. A cheerful door color can bring a smile as you arrive home after a busy day. A peaceful shade in your bedroom will aid in a good night’s sleep. Brighter colors in your family or living room enliven conversation. If you can’t paint right now, changing accessories or artwork can create your desired mood or feeling.

Many have realized the positive benefits of simplifying this year. One of my clients shared the joys of her organized pantry. Multiple times a day, she opened her pantry doors, took a deep breath, and enjoyed everything lined up neatly on her shelves. Organizing that small space had a positive ripple on her whole home and her.

If you feel overwhelmed start small in a manageable space like a closet or drawer. Each area that you organize will give you sense of accomplishment and make it easier to find and store what you need. Being mindful of how often you use something or how you feel about it when you do, can help you evaluate whether to keep an item or let it go.

Finally, now that we are going into the winter months, consider decorating your home with plants and other items found in nature. Decorating with Earth’s colors and elements helps you connect with her peaceful rhythms.

I hope you enjoy extending your mindfulness practice into your home. If you need help, please reach out to me. I offer Feng Shui classes and consultations. Please visit to learn more.


Lisa Law is a Feng Shui consultant, author, and coach. She is a trainer and mentor for the Western School of Feng Shui and a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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