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Feng Shui Tips to Empower Your Home Office

By June 10, 2020 2 Comments

Now that many of us are going into longer periods of working from home, I wanted to share some Feng Shui tips to empower your work spaces.

The first step in creating a supportive home office or work environment is setting the intention that your ideas and products have value. I’ve seen all kinds of temporary work set ups and that’s fine short-term. Working all day on makeshift furniture, however, sends the message that your comfort and contributions aren’t important. So, rather than sitting stooped at your counter or propped on the couch, consider creating a formal work center.

If you are sitting and working for long periods of time, I’d recommend a high quality office chair and a desk with sufficient work space. This will help you be more productive and build a solid foundation for your efforts.

The next layer is having everything you need close at hand. Just like setting up a work triangle in your kitchen, you’ll want everything you use daily within reach. This includes your computer, office supplies, printer, and the like. Getting up multiple times to get what you need or searching for things in other parts of your house can be distracting, reduce your productivity, and chip away at your confidence. File cabinets, storage bins, and desk drawers help to contain and organize what you need the most.

Feng Shui promotes feelings of safety and comfort by encouraging you to place your desk in the power position–where you can see the doorway clearly from where you are seated. You may need to move your desk so that it’s not pushed up against the wall. Ideally, you will also have something solid behind you. A book case, credenza, or the wall can help you feel more grounded and secure. Arranging your desk in the power position can help you to focus, feel more in control, and prevent your family or coworkers from startling you from behind. Workplace studies show a 30% increase in productivity when employees sit in the power position. If you can’t move your desk, place a mirror so that you can see the entrance over your shoulder in it’s reflection.

As you watch TV, you may notice on-air personalities sitting in the power position when they give their reports from home. Many have artfully arranged book shelves and furnishings behind them. Even though they are in their houses, they appear knowledgeable and professional. One of my favorite home sets is Robin Robert’s on Good Morning America. As you watch the next newscast, take a look and see what inspiration you find for your own spaces. As an experiment, consider sitting in the power position on your next Zoom and see how you feel and how others respond to you.

By the way, if you would like help setting up your Zoom backdrop, I worked for ten years in broadcast television. I can help you with lighting, camera angles, set design, and cultivating your on-air presence.

Feng Shui encourages your house to evolve as your needs change. If you want a space dedicated to work, it’s ok to re-purpose a spare bedroom or dining room. I’ve seen amazing work stations in closets, alcoves, and other unusual spaces. Be create and think outside the box.

Keeping a work-life balance can be challenging especially if you work every day in your bedroom. To help signal the start of the day, you may like to open your curtains, make your bed, and tidy your room. Also consider getting dressed. I’ve found that I feel more professional and productive when I wear my regular work clothes. To signal the end of the day, clear your desk, put away your files, and power down your computer. Placing a folding screen or curtain around your desk can also contain work energy.

Your cell phone can also blur the lines between work and leisure time. Have you noticed that as soon as you pick up your phone in the morning and check text and email your day has started? Perhaps, being mindful of your habits can help you. Try choosing a time to “go to work” which includes answering calls and emails. Then, have a “leave work” time when you are off the clock.

Finally, Feng Shui can be used to empower your aspirations. Making intentions and placing quotes, artwork, or other inspiration where you see it will remind you and everyone else what you are working towards. What you interact with every day shapes your thoughts and feelings. Feng Shui wants your environment to empower and support all areas of your life. You can do it!

Please reach out to me if I can help you. I offer Feng Shui, decluttering, decorating, and color consulting remotely. I also offer classes and workplace programs. Please visit www.LisaLawFengShui.com to learn more. To get more Feng Shui tips and inspiration, be sure to sign up for my newsletter when you visit my website.

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