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“A peaceful home supports a peaceful lifestyle. Feng Shui brings out the beauty of your surroundings and creates an environment that feels supportive, functions well, and helps life flow harmoniously.” -Lisa Law


Our homes are our emotional hubs. They are where we rest, laugh, and cry with those we love the most. Through our choices of where to live and what to have in our spaces, our homes can be our greatest sources of support and healing. Feng Shui creates a sacred space to decompress from the pressures of our modern lifestyle. With mindful Feng Shui arrangement each area of your home and office can feel great, function well, and allow all areas of life to flow harmoniously.

Feng Shui has existed for 3000 years in Chinese culture. It offers time honored tools for examining and remedying environmental stressors. Feng Shui teaches us how to be mindful of what in our environment is serving a useful function and what may be holding us back. It then guides meaningful changes.

Just as there are many types of yoga, Feng Shui also has many traditions. Lisa was certified by the Western School of Feng Shui™ and is an Essential Feng Shui® consultant, author, coach, and trainer. Essential Feng Shui® is one of the most highly regarded Feng Shui certifications world-wide. It is an introspective, personally empowering practice that utilizes Feng Shui tools such as the Bagua and the Five Elements. To this foundation, Lisa brings mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing practices.

Essential Feng Shui® recognizes that we are constantly changing and evolving and that arranging the environment can help empower life goals and lead to more balance and tranquility. Feng Shui encourages spaces to become sanctuaries that help restore energy and support work, play and rest. When spaces are uncomfortable, cluttered, or don’t support important aspects of life, stress and feeling off-balance can result. Lisa can help recognize trouble spots, suggest solutions, and help empower you to make changes. She looks forward to introducing you to Feng Shui and the positive results it can bring. Contact her today to book a consultation!


Typical Feng Shui consultations involve a three step process. Before your consultation, you  will discuss your goals for the consultation and you will email Lisa a sketch of your floor plan.

At the consultation, Lisa will give you an overview of Feng Shui philosophy and how it relates to your floor plan. Lisa will introduce you to the Bagua map and other Feng Shui tools to help bring balance and harmony to your home and lifestyle. She’ll show you where the energy of your Career, Self-Cultivation, Health, Relationships, Prosperity, Creativity, Spirituality, and Well-Being are held in your environment. She will also explain how to use color, Earth’s elements, and Feng Shui inspiration to make your spaces feel welcoming, comfortable, and supportive.

Together you will tour each area of your home and discuss the function, design, organization, and Feng Shui improvements recommended for each space. Often you will be able to rearrange and re-purpose what you already own to support your goals and aspirations. If you need organizing assistance, Lisa can help you prioritize projects to improve the function, feel, and flow of energy in your spaces.

At the end of the appointment, Lisa will recap all improvements with you and will help highlight priorities. Within two weeks, she will check in with you on your progress. If you are interested in booking on-going Feng Shui or de-cluttering sessions, Lisa is happy to help you on a regular basis. If you have a great deal of clutter, Lisa can help you set manageable goals and be supportive through your letting go process.

Types of Consultations Lisa Offers

Lisa offers a wide variety of consulting services. She tailors each meeting to individual client needs. You can choose from the following menu or work with Lisa to fit your personal priorities. She offers in-person and Skype consultations.

  • Feng Shui Consultation-Overview of the Bagua, How to Use it, and Whole House Feng Shui Plan
  • Feng Shui Design Advice-Paint Selection, Decorative Accessories, Furniture Layout, & Room Design
  • Bagua Floorplan Readings via Zoom
  • Pre-Home Purchase Consultation
  • Pre-Renovation Consultation
  • De-cluttering Assistance and Coaching
  • Business Consultations
  • Home Staging for Real Estate Sales
  • Space Clearing
  • Home Blessings
  • Energetic Home Tune-Ups

Contact Lisa today to book your consultation. She looks forward to working with you!

“Thank you, Lisa! Boy you were so wonderful. I benefited incredibly from your services. It was a very necessary transformation of my home. I felt like I called the doctor to my home and the doctor came in. Little things that had bothered me forever got fixed. I feel like I can breathe in new ways in the home now. I am so appreciative.” Gail, Feng Shui Client

“Lisa, when I booked my consultation, I wanted to make my home a special place for my family to come home to. You showed me that Feng Shui was the literal map of my heart. Thank you.” -Wendy, Feng Shui Client

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