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Feng Shuiing Kid’s Rooms

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Many are working from home as well as juggling children and remote learning. I know it’s a challenge, so I thought I’d share some Feng Shui tips for kids. Children’s rooms are multi-tasking spaces. This is where they sleep, play, do homework, and have privacy.

Work, sleep, and play are very different energies. My daughter, now in her twenties is working from home. She shared that she’s finding it impossible to have a work/life balance with her workstation in her bedroom–which makes sense. If you are lying in bed, looking at your computer, your mind naturally thinks about work. Similarly, if you are working in your bedroom, it’s hard to resist the urge to nap. The same for children trying to stay engaged in remote learning or doing their homework.

If you have no other space outside of the bedroom for a desk, I encourage putting away papers and shutting down electronics at the end of each day. Doing so, puts school and/or work energy to bed. When my son was a teenager, he covered his computer with a table cloth in the evening. This helped him put boundaries on his electronics and x-box time.

For little ones, having lots of toys in bedrooms, can affect concentration and sleep. Putting toys away at the end of the day can help them transition to quiet time. Developing bedtime rituals like picking up their room, having a bath, and then reading a book together, can ease everyone out of the day’s activities into sleep.

If you are overwhelmed by toys in children’s rooms, consider rotating them. Keep a few favorites in their bedroom that can be easily stored on shelves or in baskets. Put the rest in the attic or basement. Then, each week, rotate something out and something new in. Having fewer items will make clean up easier. If you find that some items are not being used, pass them along. You might even be able to set up toy swaps with your friends (once the pandemic passes).

Teaching children how to care for their belongings develops a greater appreciation for what they have. Staying organized and decluttering are life skills that you are sharing. Plus, if your family helps clean up a bit each day, it’s much easier to keep your home tidy.

Finally, if your child is especially active, consider decorating their rooms in soft gentle colors. Bright yellows, reds, oranges, or hot pinks activate the energy in a space. You can compromise by limiting these tones to accessories or choosing the muted versions like the pinks and greens in the room pictured above. We all have different emotional responses to colors, so ask you child what colors feel calming and peaceful to them. Decorating and arranging their rooms can be a fun activity to share together. You can do it!

I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you need help arranging your children’s spaces, please reach out to me. I offer consultations remotely through Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Lisa Law is a Feng Shui Consultant, Author, Trainer, and Coach. She specialized in creating peaceful homes and a happier more balanced lifestyle. To sign up for Lisa’s Feng Shui tips, please visit www.LisaLawFengShui.com. You can follow her on social media at Lisa Law Feng Shui.

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