Frequently Asked Questions About this Trip

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– Did you get your shots?  Yes.  I had to go to the Travel Medicine/Infectious Diseases Center.  I was more afraid of what I’d catch there than anything abroad.  Bring on the hand sanitizer!

–  How many suitcases are you bringing? One.  I hope.

–  How does your family feel about you being gone so long?  They are happy for me.  My husband is literally pushing me out the door saying, “You have to go do this!!”

–  Are you worried  about being alone in all those countries? No.  I’ll know people everywhere along the way and I have friends extending their stays with me.  When I am alone it will be ok.

–  Can’t you do this kind of meditation retreat closer to home?  NO!  It’s a special program.  Plus, it gives me the chance to go all these neat places with people who I really enjoy.

–  How do you handle the time changes?  I can sleep really well in airports and on airplanes.

–  Are you bringing a phone?  Yes.  But it will be off during the retreats.

–  How do you feel about presenting Feng Shui in Singapore where everyone grew up with it?  Really excited!

–  What are you hoping to get out of the trip?  An adventure I’ll never forget.  I’ll grow and move forward.  I’m completely open to whatever opportunities its preparing me for.  I can’t imagine what is coming next and know it’s going to be beyond all  expectation.  That’s the most fun part about it!

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