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In the Flow of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui has evolved in Chinese culture for thousands of years. Eastern philosophy recognizes that when the outer physical environment works harmoniously, the people living or working there do, too. Working with Feng Shui helps to support the mind, body, and spirit by bringing the outer physical environment into alignment with our aspirations and priorities.

When I work with people in their homes, I consider three main Feng Shui factors: Function, feel, and flow. First, I want all of your work functions to be easy. We work to simplify kitchens, offices, and work spaces. I also want clean up and maintenance to be a breeze. Some rearranging and decluttering may be needed.

Next, we arrange your home so that you feel supported. I’ll ask whether you are sleeping well and whether you feel relaxed and happy in your home. I think of your home as your energetic recharging station. Just as you plug your electronics in each evening, your home can refresh you as well.

Lastly, Feng Shui encourages a flow of positive energy. If you envision your home taking a deep breath, there may be areas where the chi races and other areas where it doesn’t flow at all. Feng Shui helps to identify and remedy this flow so that you feel supported and empowered.

If you are ready to learn more about Feng Shui and its benefits, I hope you’ll consider a one-on-one consultation or one of my upcoming programs.

Wishing you a happy, peaceful month ahead.

In love and light, Lisa

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