Is Your Garden Blooming?

By June 27, 2013 One Comment

Every day I check on my garden and this week, everything is huge!  As I was standing there I thought, “The best thing about all of this rain is my garden is happy.”  I then got thinking about my time in Bali, where they worship good and bad equally.  They believe that without the bad you can’t appreciate the good.  And is all of this rain really bad?  It’s certainly not for the plants and the timing for the growing season.  I’ve noticed things blooming in my yard this year that I didn’t even know could bloom.

How often do we see things that don’t fit our vision of perfection as bad, when maybe they are simply not what we were expecting?  Hopefully something is about to bloom in your life and you are just about to recognize it!Image

With love and hugs!


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