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Feng Shui is Fun and Easy

Lisa’s Feng Shui Inspiration Cards and Guidebook: Create Positive Energy in Your Home and Lifestyle introduce you to the Feng Shui Bagua and how to use Feng Shui to set intentions and empower changes in your life-style. Her cards can be used for a meditation focus and to help guide meaningful changes within your home. Lisa simplifies Feng Shui philosophy, presenting age-old wisdom with a fresh, modern approach. Learn how to utilize Feng Shui’s Bagua, Yin & Yang Energy, Earth’s Five Elements and Feng Shui improvements to empower your home and intentions.

Lisa’s cards will ignite your creativity and encourage you to use your environment to empower your goals. The set includes 27 Feng Shui Inspiration Cards, The Guidebook, and a bag for your cards.

“I love Lisa’s cards. I use them for my morning meditation to set intentions for the day. I walk around my house with her book all the time. I’ve found both to be very inspiring.”-Suzannah C., Feng Shui Client

“Lisa, even though the world is a stressful place, your writing helps me feel safe and hopeful that everything is going to be ok. Thank you.”-Angie, Social Media Follower


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