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Feng Shui Ideas for the Start of School

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It’s that time of year again. The kids are off to school. I enjoy seeing everyone’s first day of school photos on social media. My youngest is a sophomore in college. I hope he has a great year, too!  Go #Utes!

I admit that each year I feel sad when my kids go back to school. I love having them underfoot and I miss them when they aren’t home. I can remember when they were in grade school how I’d also miss the ease of summer. Running around having flip flop days, got replaced by the structure of school, homework, sports, and the like. It was a lot for them and me.

So as your youngster goes back to school, how can Feng Shui support them? Kid’s rooms are multi-purpose spaces. We expect them to play, do homework, and sleep in their bedrooms. Those are a lot of conflicting energies!

Help them put boundaries around these aspects of their day. Designate home work areas, play areas, and sleep areas. Ideally bedrooms are reserved for sleeping especially if your little one has trouble winding down.

If the bedroom is the best place to study and play, putting away toys and clearing off the desk after they are used put those energies to bed and helps the room be more restful. That’s true for college students and adults, too.

Finally, amongst all of the fall commitments, schedule in some unstructured play time. It’s easy to burn everyone out running from activity to activity. Kids need to play and so do we.

Feng Shui is all about balance. I hope these ideas help you this school year!

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