Settling in to Thailand

By March 25, 2013 One Comment

I had a fun day yesterday settling into the resort area.  Just down the hill is a little town and about a half mile away is Kato beach, which is lovely.  It all reminds me a bit of St. Thomas.  All around you find lush tropical foliage and hills and water.

Yesterday was really hot and muggy.  I found places on myself that I never knew could sweat that much.  The staff was looking at me like they were afraid I’d keel over.  This morning seems better or hopefully my thermostat is adjusting.

The hotel right now is filled with stern-faced Russians.  It’s a very different atmosphere from the ashram in India.  When I left India, people were doing Tai Chi in the light of the rising sun.  Here when I make eye contact and smile, I get stared down.  I’m pretending I’m just one of the palm trees in a little world all my own.  I’m hanging back and just enjoying being here and experiencing something different.

On the plane I sat in front of some people from Australia who talked for the hour and half about all the drinking they’d done on past trips here and how much they were planning to do this week.  It got me thinking about how much pressure we sometimes feel on vacations to cram as much life and relaxation into a few days before going back to the daily grind or as the Australian lady said, “Before the company takes another pound of flesh out of me.”

Being aware of the stress people are carrying made me appreciate my trip and how centered I feel right now even more.  I realize how lucky I’m am to be here experiencing these different parts of the world and having the luxury to work on myself on such a deep level.  I can see how life-changing the trip is already and I’m only 2 weeks into the 5 week journey.  I’m truly grateful.

Two of my American friends arrive today.  Yeah!  Dawn and I plan to do an elephant ride in the jungle before our program starts.  It’s one of the adventures I’ve been most looking forward to the most!



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  • Dawn says:

    Almost there, Lisa. I am at the gate in Singapore waiting to board the flight to Phuket. Can’t wait to see you and see your photos thus far and hear more about your experiences

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