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I left Phuket yesterday.  On the way to the airport, I realized that I was at the half way point in this trip.  It made me reflect on  my journey so far.  I got thinking about how lucky I am to be doing all this travel, to be seeing all of these places and to be doing all of these retreats with amazing people.  I see that I am growing and being away has made me appreciate my family, friends and life I have there all that much more.   Most people are searching for what I have waiting for me back home and I’m very thankful.

I arrived in Singapore late last night.  Umesh is doing the basic meditation course at his center down the street, so I stopped in and had fun meeting everyone just starting their spiritual journeys with him.

I have a half dozen people signed up for my 3 Feng Shui workshops starting there tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to presenting my school of Feng Shui philosophy where  Feng Shui is already part of the culture.

This afternoon I went to the Gardens by the Bay.  Along with walking trails along the water and outdoor gardens they have huge Flower and Cloud Domes.  The Flower Dome features gardens from all over the word and the Cloud Dome simulates a tropical rain forest with a huge waterfall which is several stories high.  The whole area is amazing and inspiring!

Tonight I’m going to check out China Town just down the street from my hotel.

I hope you enjoy these pictures I took today!  -Lisa

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