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By February 5, 2014 2 Comments

As New Hampshire gets blanked in a deep snow, I look forward to a day just puttering around the house.  Our lives are so busy and filled with go, go, go energy these days, today feels like such a luxury. 

I’ve realized today is also a great opportunity to get things done that I’ve been “meaning” to do.  Today’s a day to sort through papers and cross something off my to do list. 

Don’t you find that nothing is as satisfying as cleaning out a drawer or closet that’s been bothering you?  I get really charged up bringing a load of unused or unwanted items to a charity store.  I know that getting organized and streamlining my environment will make everything easier this week and beyond.

I hope you’re able to stay in and off the roads and are also enjoying a day off in your home!

In love & light,




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  • tracy bennett says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the nice note. I am also enjoying such a wonderful day of doing things that I have not had the chance.

    Just home from California, so this storm is so beautiful. It always amazes me how different parts of the country have such different experiences and weather.

    Enjoy the peace.

    Miss you ~ Tracy

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  • nancy garceau says:

    Truer words haven’t been spoken…stay safe!!

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