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Staying Balanced in the Midst of Change

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I hope this post finds you well and safe. As I write today I am in my third week of being home. Our state has a stay at home order through the beginning of May. Talking to friends and family world-wide, I’m finding that the landscape of everyone’s life has changed over the last month. Routines have been disrupted and each of us is trying to adapt to our new reality. Change can be hard on many levels. With the current pandemic, we have our own experience and also an awareness of everyone else’s. It’s a lot of energy and emotion to process.

When I get stressed, my spiritual home base is Feng Shui. Feng Shui is founded on the teachings of the Tao and the I-Ching, known as the book of transformation. Taoist philosophy reminds us that change is constant. Seasons progress, the Earth revolves around the Sun, and humans evolve. These gradual shifts are natural and help to keep life in balance. The Tao also acknowledges that big changes push us outside of our comfort zone, but also afford us the opportunity to evaluate, learn, and grow.

In the last 50 years especially, advances in technology have made communication possible immediately across the globe. Sharing information and wisdom across cultures, income levels, and educational backgrounds is such an exciting advancement in our collective human experience. We are also able to travel more and many business are open now 24/7. Life in recent years, has become increasingly hectic. In the world of the Tao, our society has become very Yang.

Yang energy is fast moving, expansive, loud, bright, and action oriented. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people are being asked to stay home and to avoid working, traveling, and socializing directly with others. Our action packed life as we know it is on hold. We find ourselves in an extreme state of Yin.

Yin energy is reflective, calm, inward, slow moving, and quiet. Yin activities encourage introspection, intuition, and growth. This Yin period gives us the opportunity to be home, decompress, and rest from many years of Yang activity.

Already our slowing down has improved Earth’s air quality and the ozone. Doing less has it’s benefits for us, too. Here are some of my favorite Yin suggestions for you to consider:

-Reflect. Ask the big questions. Journal. Ponder. Plan.

-Prioritize Self-Care. Enjoy a luxurious bath. Talk a walk. Use your fancy sheets and towels. Drink from your fanciest tea cup. It’s Ok to pamper yourself right now.

-Be Mindful of the Media. Observe your body’s reactions to the news, social media, the internet, and what you read. Putting boundaries on consumption can become part of your self care.

-Rethink Your Spaces. How can you re-purpose rooms, alcoves, and unused areas to fit your needs right now?

-Be Creative. Paint, write, dance, sew, or do puzzles. Now is a great time to pursue your hobbies.

-Live with What You Love. In Feng Shui we want everything in your environment to support and encourage you. If you aren’t using something, perhaps it’s time to let it go?

-Develop Quiet Practices. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and QiGong are examples of activities that help you tap into your inner wisdom while helping you slow down and decompress.

-Be Grateful. Be thankful for all that you have. Be appreciative of store clerks, rescue workers, health care professionals, and everyone who transports what we need right now. They are the Earth angels living among us.

-Do Nothing. Just be. Don’t plan, organize, or put pressure on yourself to be busy for a period of time.

-Ask for Help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s ok to call a friend, family member, or counselor. Reaching out when you need to is a strength, not a weakness.

As the Tao teaches, change is the one constant in life. Eventually this period of Yin energy will wane and we will start to move back toward the Yang energy we are used to. You may just find, though, that you are ready to forgo some of Yang’s hectic pace and bring more balance to your lifestyle with quiet Yin activities in the future.

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In love and light, Lisa

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