The Ease of Summer

By August 7, 2014 No Comments

As I sat out in my yard yesterday enjoying the sunshine, I thought about how much easier summer is. The weather has been especially nice for swimming, walking, gardening and puttering in my yard with my dog. I feel more more fit than I did this winter and my overall chi is improved. Being outside so much resets me on a deep level and I’m really thankful for these times outside.

Our garden is in full harvest. Its fun to see what is growing each day. We’re getting lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, snap peas and squash. We planted herb containers along our walk ways and around our patio. Now I remember to pick fresh herbs and include them in our meals.

My favorite thing to make lately is cubed cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, with generous amounts of basil, chives, parsley and rosemary. I toss it with balsamic vinaigrette. It’s yummy as a side dish, on sandwiches and mixed with feta or mozzarella cheese on salads.

I hope you are enjoying the ease of summer, too!

With love and light,


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