The Energy of a Place

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Did you know that places have distinct energies and personalities just like people?  Each country, region, town and home is unique and is shaped by the history and landscape around it.

When you chose your current home, there was likely something that spoke to you on a deep level that made you feel safe and comfortable there. You wanted to live in the city, country or something in between and the location probably fits your current life-style and interests.

We choose vacation spots, too, because we enjoy the energies there.I know that I crave spending time in the mountains to feel restored on a really deep level.  My sister needs to spend time with her horses and my dad loves his time in the woods.

Listen to what you’re craving…Spend the day on the beach, sitting by a lake, or hiking. Soaking in the energies of your special place will  help you feel more balanced in your everyday life.

If you aren’t able to visit your favorite spot this summer, visualize going there through meditation or include pictures of it in your environment. Including the energy of your favorite places can help reinforce the positive effect that energy has on you. 

If your home needs more inspiration or a energy makeover, I can help.  Oftentimes small inexpensive changes, can make a huge difference in how you feel.  Your home can become your personal oasis and I’d love to help you!

Wishing you rest and relaxation this summer! 

In Love & Light  -Lisa

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